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As an independent organisation, HAPANI depends on donations to support and improve the services we offer. Your donations, however small, contribute to the support and care of refugee adults, children and families, as well as asylum seekers and destitute individuals from the Horn of Africa and further afield.

Homework Club

Our Homework Club gives children a safe, supportive environment to focus on their education. Your donation will help to provide materials such as pencils, paper and books, technology for the purpose of educational development, and training courses for volunteers who support individual children as they learn.

Childrens Sporting Activities

Organising sporting activities is a great way to help children integrate within their community and build their confidence. Donations towards these activities will help with sports materials, clothing, hall and pitch hire, and training.

Children's English Classes

In order to provide the right tools and environment for our Children’s English Classes, your donation will help towards classroom materials such as books, and improving facilities like our computer suite.

Adult English classes

A donation towards our Adult English Classes will help towards reading material, classroom stationery, computers and further training for volunteers who support our service users’ educational development.

Meeting Room Facilities

Our meeting room facilities provide space for a variety of groups and organisations. Donations help with maintenance costs, heating and electricity, and materials such as pens, white boards and computers.

Women’s Project

A donation towards HAPANI’s Women’s Project will contribute to the ever-expanding support we offer HoA women within the community. This includes educational materials, courses, training and meeting facilities.

Somalian School Building Project

This project will be our biggest to date and relies solely on donations. Throughout all stages of the process, donations towards building a school in Somalia will contribute to construction materials and equipment, planning schemes, labour expenses and running costs.


Building Hospitals And Educational Facilities

HAPANI’s long-term goal is to build hospitals and educational facilities in remote areas of Africa. Your donation towards this project will help towards building materials, professional training, construction, maintenance and technology.

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You can help children and adults with their education, health and even help build a hospital or school.



HAPANI is an inclusive, non-governmental organisation committed to supporting and empowering individuals from the Horn of Africa (Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan) and beyond in Northern Ireland. By actively providing quality services based on integration, equality and personal independence, we believe that every refugee, asylum seeker and African person in Northern Ireland deserves a voice regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or social background. HAPANI is dedicated to building an integrative future for people from HoA and beyond in NI on a foundation of research, open communication and first-hand experience.

We engage 54 volunteers annually who are committed to supporting HAPANI’s cause and giving back to the community. We source our volunteers both online and within the area, with many students from Queen’s University, St. Mary’s College and Stranmillis College offering their time and skills to HAPANI across all areas.

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