HAPANI’s long-term goals extend beyond regional projects and advocating the social, political and economic rights of HoA refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in Northern Ireland.

We also hope to establish positive links with the Horn of Africa countries and develop a number of international projects.

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Somalia School Building Project

Several members of our team are currently involved in the planning stages of building a school in Somalia, which will be our biggest project to date.

Through fund-raising, team effort and effective management, this realistic goal will make a huge difference to the lives of Somalian families.

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Building Hospitals and Educational Facilities

HAPANI want to build, improve and reconstruct hospitals in remote regions of Somalia that may not otherwise have access to healthcare. Our long-term goal is to support the development of health and educational infrastructure in the region of Africa, including the provision of ambulances, veterinary services and technical and vocational institutes.

We are actively raising funds and forming beneficial relationships with relevant bodies in order to advance these goals. We will support any HoA individuals here in Northern Ireland who wish to return to the region to volunteer.

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