Established in 2011 by a group of dedicated volunteers, Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland was formed in response to a clear demand for support for refugees, asylum seekers, individuals and families from HoA and beyond who are living in NI.

Based on Botanic Avenue, close to Belfast city centre, HAPANI works from an ethos of social inclusion – empowering those who are socially, financially or physically vulnerable in order to promote individual well-being and harmonious communities.

With a focus on gender, social, and religious equality while providing effective, practical support to those in need, we aim to develop independent initiatives, raise awareness, challenge intolerance and expand resources for those who need it most. Our approach is based on open and honest communication, collaborating with individuals and organisations for the benefit of service users and their communities.

Refugees and asylum seekers from the HoA region and beyond face a huge range of obstacles living in Northern Ireland – language barriers, poverty, accessing healthcare and education, connecting with services and securing employment after being granted refugee status, to name a few.

Our commitment is to connect, support and empower these individuals regardless of social background, gender, ethnicity or circumstance. We also offer direct support for HAPANI youth who would otherwise be deprived of the right to education, training and personal development.

Our Core Objectives

  • Develop Initatives

    To develop independent initiatives that foster autonomy and participation among Horn of Africa individuals

  • Raise Awareness

    To raise awareness within public services so they are able to respond flexibly to the needs of individuals from the Horn of Africa and beyond

  • Challenge Intolerance

    To challenge intolerance towards individuals from African communities in Northern Ireland

  • Develop Support

    To develop mutual support between Horn of Africa individuals, refugees, asylum seekers and their dependants, and members of the “host” community

  • Raise Funds

    To raise funds and resources for education and health-related projects in the Horn of Africa countries

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