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Collaboration with the PSNI and NIHE

We believe that every person from the HoA or any other part of the world has the right to reside in a community where they are safe from prejudice.

Unfortunately, hate crimes and intimidation do occur in Northern Ireland. HAPANI works with the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to assist in the reporting and prosecution of perpetrators.

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Challenging Intolerance

The HAPANI team are consistently active in challenging intolerance and stereotypes towards HoA individuals, refugees and asylum seekers.

We aim to support campaigns and projects that challenge racism and promote ethnic harmony within Northern Ireland communities.

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Basic English Lessons

Good communication is key to building relationships, relieving conflict and increasing awareness. Our dedicated volunteers offer basic English skills to ensure that African refugees can engage and communicate with their ‘host’ community.

We also connect individuals to initiatives such as the Belfast Friendship Group, which is a great way to build social contacts and gather a support network.

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