Suleiman Abdulahi (Founder and Director)

HAPANI founder and director Suleiman Abdulahi is a passionate human rights and social justice advocate with a strong social entrepreneurial, IT and business background.

Fluent in Arabic, Danish, English, and Somali, Suleiman was one of the first people involved in the development of multiple diaspora and civil society organisations. He was listed in the Ethnic Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009 and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland’s Level 1 Award in 2008.

Godd Hussein (Trustee and Director)

Godd Hussein is an asylum seeker based in Belfast, currently volunteering with HAPANI as an interpreter, homework coordinator and general support worker.

Having previously lived and worked in the Republic of Ireland, he studied Financial Accounting at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). Godd is currently an active member of the organisation, using his interpreting skills to bridge the language barrier for refugees and supporting HoA children from various backgrounds at our Homework Club. He has successfully attained a Level 2 certificate with Youth Link from OCN as a Youth Worker.

Leila Hashim (Trustee and Secretary)

Leila Hashim is an ambitious community support advocate aiming to progress into leadership within the third sector. She is extremely knowledgeable and has 10 years’ experience working with refugees, asylum seekers and other ethnic minorities. Over the years, she has developed excellent strategies of promoting community integration and acceptance.

Leila is currently undertaking a design-thinking course that is facilitated by co3 so as to further her leadership skills. She previously studied a HND in Health and Social Care Management. During this course, Leila learned a range of essential skills in managing people and talents. These include managing conflicts in the work place, motivation skills, managing finance, managing changes at work, understanding significant life events, time management, appraisal skills, safe guarding and health and safety.

Having developed excellent communication skills while managing people at Kensom Freight international, Leila developed great working relationships with her co-workers, and jobs were always completed to a very high standard.

Leila also worked at Heathrow Airport for 9 years as a Security Officer, where she had to deal with people from all walks of life. Heathrow is one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world and no two days were the same. She therefore has experience working under pressure and being attentive at all times.

Leila comes to HAPANI with a wealth of experience. She has already made a huge differences in the lives of HAPANI service users and now has a key leadership role here.

Our Core Objectives

  • Develop Initatives

    To develop independent initiatives that foster autonomy and participation among Horn of Africa individuals

  • Raise Awareness

    To raise awareness within public services so they are able to respond flexibly to the needs of individuals from the Horn of Africa and beyond

  • Challenge Intolerance

    To challenge intolerance towards individuals from African communities in Northern Ireland

  • Develop Support

    To develop mutual support between Horn of Africa individuals, refugees, asylum seekers and their dependants, and members of the “host” community

  • Raise Funds

    To raise funds and resources for education and health-related projects in the Horn of Africa countries

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