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Institute for Conflict Research

The Institute for Conflict Research is an independent research organisation, based in Belfast, which specialises in issues related to conflict, human rights, social transformation and social justice. It is a not for profit company limited by guarantee with charitable status and is managed by a Board of Directors drawn from the community, voluntary and academic sectors. They also carry out research, evaluations and training, not just in Northern Ireland but also internationally.

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Law Centre (NI)

Law Centre (NI) is a not for profit agency working to advance social welfare rights in Northern Ireland. The Law Centre promotes social justice and provides specialist legal support to advice-giving organisations and disadvantaged individuals.

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Centre for Global Education

The Centre is a non-governmental development organisation based in Belfast which aims to raise awareness of global issues and encourage action toward social change.

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Our Core Objectives

  • Develop Initatives

    To develop independent initiatives that foster autonomy and participation among Horn of Africa individuals

  • Raise Awareness

    To raise awareness within public services so they are able to respond flexibly to the needs of individuals from the Horn of Africa and beyond

  • Challenge Intolerance

    To challenge intolerance towards individuals from African communities in Northern Ireland

  • Develop Support

    To develop mutual support between Horn of Africa individuals, refugees, asylum seekers and their dependants, and members of the “host” community

  • Raise Funds

    To raise funds and resources for education and health-related projects in the Horn of Africa countries

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